WRTH 2016: now in publication

WRTH-2016I’m very happy to see this notice from Nicholas Hardyman, Publisher of the World Radio TV Handbook:

We are delighted to announce the publication today of the 70th edition of WRTH.

For full details of WRTH 2016 and to order a copy please visit our website at www.wrth.com where you can also order the B15 WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide on CD and as a download.

WRTH 2016 is also available for pre-order, for readers in the USA, from Amazon or Universal  Radio in Ohio.

I hope you enjoy using this new edition of WRTH and the new CD.

Best regards

Nicholas Hardyman

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1 thought on “WRTH 2016: now in publication

  1. Mark Piaskiewicz

    I recall making a disparaging comment on FidoNet about WRTH’s review of the Sony ICF SW20 and saying WRTH was for European listeners, ignored North American listeners and recommended PTWBR as a much better publication. Next thing I know, Andy Sennit is giving me a hard time!

    Ah, the good ol’ days. 🙂


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