Ron approves of the high-gain ferrite bar antenna

Ferrite-Bar-PL-365In response to our post about the high-gain ferrite bar antenna for the Tecsun PL-360/PL-365 and CountyComm GP5/DSP and GP5/SSB, SWLing Post contributor, Ron, writes:

…and it’s worth it.

On MW there is a marked difference on both the low and high ends
of the band, just as the builder said, compared to the stock plugin antenna.

On longwave my local NDB BH went from being barely audible on the stock
plugin to being quite readable–well above the noise.

The seller replied to a question about it being shipped very quickly
since it never did track on USPS.

Good seller, reliable email, good antenna that works as claimed–no problem here.

Click here to view the antenna on eBay.

Thank you so much for the report, Ron!

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4 thoughts on “Ron approves of the high-gain ferrite bar antenna

  1. Antony Schofield

    I just did a super-fast (45 second ) test of my new high-gain ferrite antenna received through the post from Greece. Using the ETM mode on the Tecsun Pl360 the included ferrite antenna picked up 15 stations on medium wave while the high-gain picked up 19, most of which had a significant s/n ratio advantage.

    1. rtc

      Expect it to take about 10 days to arrive.
      A Tracking Number is supplied but it
      won’t work on USPS-just the Greek
      (Hellenic) post office.

  2. Brett Saylor W3SWL

    I built one of the high-gain antennas following Guy Atkin’s instructions and it works very well – on a semi-local AM station at 1260 kHz it has at least +20 db gain over the smaller stock loopstick as displayed on the PL-360’s signal meter. I re-used the Litz wire from the original antenna and found the larger 200mm rod needed about 25 fewer turns to give the same inductance (330 uH) as the original antenna. All in all a very easy project – thanks Thomas and Guy, and everyone else for bringing this modification to light!


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