Listening to the Voice of Greece on the Signal Corps BC-348-Q


Yesterday evening, I warmed up my Signal Corps BC-348-Q and tuned to 9,420 kHz to see if the Voice of Greece happened to be on the air.

Fortunately, I was rewarded with a strong signal from Avlis.

The ‘348 did a fine job playing all that lovely Greek music, too. Though the WWII era ‘348 was never intended to be an HF broadcast band receiver, when paired with a good speaker, it sounds pretty darn amazing!

Here’s a short video (apologies for the dark image):

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4 thoughts on “Listening to the Voice of Greece on the Signal Corps BC-348-Q

  1. Aaron St. Mour

    Oh lovely, I’ve been following your website for awhile now, first post. I need to dig my little tecsun out of the closet and run up a wire. Hear what there is to hear.

    Could even upgrade, oh dear god the swling gear bug strikes again.

  2. Dean Bonanno

    Voice of Greece right now (2335ut February 5, 2016) on my 1937 Emerson AR-176 using 40 feet of copper wire and indeed beautiful music. Thanks for the tip.
    Dean Bonanno
    Durham, CT

  3. Mario

    Used to listen to Voice of Greece years ago in the late evenings, do they still play that beautiful Greek music Thomas?


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