B15 update: Alan Roe’s guide to music on shortwave

Music-On-Shortwave-Alan-RoeMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who shares his updated  Music on Shortwave list for the B15 period.

If you love listening to music on the shortwaves, you’ll love Alan’s free guide.

Click here to download Music on Shortwave B-15 (v3.1)

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7 thoughts on “B15 update: Alan Roe’s guide to music on shortwave

  1. Brad Read

    All on WBCQ 5.110 MHz and http://www.splatterbox.us:5110

    This is our last weekend on 5.110 MHz. At the request of the FCC, we are changing our frequency on this service to 5.130 MHz effective Monday, February 29.


    7pm 0000 Radio Timtron Worldwide
    9pm 0200 The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show
    10pm 0300 Zombo In Your Brain
    11pm 0400 The Eric Dolphy Mystery Hour


    7pm 0000 Grits Radio
    8pm 0100 Plastic Magic Radio Show (every other week)

    Here are a few missed music shows.

    1. Edward

      It’s only 20 kilohertz up the band. I don’t think my analog tuning radio will notice the difference.

  2. Edward

    I like to hear music on shortwave it gets so distorted in a good way with multipath propagation delays and QSB each and every broadcast of the song always sounds different. Not that bland same-old same-old FM exact reproduction.

  3. DanH

    Excellent guide! I just downloaded a copy.

    ERT Greece was booming in for several hours last Friday evening on 9420 kHz. After spotting the station on the Sangean ATS-909X I switched to a Zenith Trans-Oceanic B-600 for much better music audio. The Greek station was playing quite an assortment of selections from classical to folk and pop. I had it on the ZTO for over three hours.

  4. Richard Day

    Are the times shown in the “Music Programs on Shortwave – B15 Broadcast Period” in UTC or local time format?


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