Blinq Deal: Used Sony SRF-M37W AM/FM/WX digital walkman $18.19 shipped


I just noticed that has a “Used – Very Good” Sony SRF-M37W AM/FM/WX digital walkman with headphones for $18.19 shipped.

While I don’t think the SRF-M37W will win any DXing awards, it is a very practical and lightweight portable for outdoor/active use (hiking, walking, running, biking, etc). I was mighty tempted to purchase this one and mount it on my mountain bike, but I have other portables that could do the job.


  • Digital AM/FM/Weather stereo tuner
  • Direct weather and preset access buttons
  • 20-station preset memory
  • Digital LCD digital with clock and battery indicators
  • Headphones and belt clip included

The SRF-M37W runs on one AAA battery.

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If you miss this deal on Blinq, no worries. Amazon’s price for a new unit is only $29.91 shipped–Amazon has a number of used units around $22 shipped.

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4 thoughts on “Blinq Deal: Used Sony SRF-M37W AM/FM/WX digital walkman $18.19 shipped

  1. Barry Sallade

    I have to disagree on this radio not being a dx’er.

    I have one and it does a wonderful job dx’ing on Medium Wave as well as FM.
    A very capable radio, but i wouldn’t be so surprised by this since it is a Sony product. I have been a long time Sony fan.


  2. Chris Wyatt

    I used to have the SRF-M32. I fell over with it in my pocket and it smashed unfortunately. I was quite upset (I was a kid at the time). It did go everywhere with me. I remember being quite excited taking it up on a Brean Down (a big hill in the UK) and the radio being overloaded by various different stations.

    I do remember seeing the later models in catalogues, and I probably pestered the parents for one.

    I’m now quite tempted to pick up another one, just as a collectible really.

  3. Thomas Post author

    I like Blinq and check it frequently. They specialize in selling discontinued, open box and lightly used items. I’ve found some fantastic deals on Blinq in the past. A few times, the item has been defective–their QC is not brilliant–but they make returning products very easy and always give a full refund or exchange (they always pay shipping). I think it’s worth the risk–I’ve never been disappointed with their customer service.


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