WRMI test transmissions for Radio Taiwan International

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Friends, we’re doing another round of tests for Radio Taiwan International the nights of March 13, 14 and 15 (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) in a new frequency of 11530 Khz.

The transmissions will be at 0000-0100 and 0200-0300 UTC (UTC Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Very grateful any observation on the quality of the reception in your area, and especially a comparison between the two hours. Thank you in advance.

Please send your reception reports to WRMI using the following email address: [email protected]

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5 thoughts on “WRMI test transmissions for Radio Taiwan International

  1. TP Reitzel

    I heard about the last 45 minutes of the broadcast on Sunday evening here in Oklahoma. The quality and the strength of the signal were good despite some fading. As broadcasters, RTI couldn’t ask for a much better neighbor than EWTN on 11520 kHz. Although EWTN’s signal was much stronger at times, the interference with RTI’s broadcast was minimal. even with a standard 10 kHz filter. Reducing the bandwidth to 9 kHz removed any interference from the stronger signal on 11520 kHz. On the front lobe of the beam, no interference would have been noticeable. I really appreciate the discipline of both shortwave broadcasters, WRMI and EWTN. Now, go digital shortwave (DRM), please. 😉

    1. Carl

      Hi TPR,

      I’m interested to know why you wish for DRM broadcasts. AFAIK, there is still no substantive consumer electronics support, save for SDRs, which are even more niche than shortwave itself, at least in NA.

      Not criticizing; just wondering.


  2. Chuck Ermatinger

    I was hoping RTI would come back to shortwave, and WRMI iis the logical station to carry them! Yes!!!


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