Radio Canada International back on shortwave via Radio 700

RCIMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, who shares the following message:

TheLinkRCIOnly a barely-detectable carrier [of Radio Canada International] on 7310 kHz from Radio 700 Kurzwellendienst (or Radio 700 Shortwave Service using the web-interfaced University of Twente SDR receiver at 15:00 UTC. However, the online streaming of Radio 700’s 7310 kHz transmission came through clearly 😉 and, indeed, an RCI program is being transmitted. In fact, it’s this week’s “The LINK Online”!

So, finally, RCI is back on shortwave. Too bad the signal for the English program isn’t stronger. I was waiting for the scheduled start of the French RCI program at 14:30 UTC on 6005 kHz but when I tuned in via Twente at 14:15 UTC it was already in progress with a good signal! So, obviously it starts at an earlier time. Perhaps 14:00 UTC? What’s the point of having the English and French programs on at the same time? Some of us might want to listen to both.

TamTam[…]The French-language RCI program was the weekly program “Tam-Tam Canada” (with the familiar tam-tam drum signature music) and it was today’s edition that was broadcast. Good reception via Twente. It ended at about 14:52 UTC with then a switch briefly to Radio 700 programming. I have queries out to both Radio 700 and RCI about these programs and will report back if I get further information.

[…]I wonder if there’s an active collaboration of RCI in this effort?

Please let us know what you discover, Richard! Though I imagine this broadcast of The Link and Tam-Tam Canada may be a limited broadcast run, it would be incredibly cool to hear RCI on shortwave once again.

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12 thoughts on “Radio Canada International back on shortwave via Radio 700

  1. Dave Wendt

    Radio Canada International Russian and Ukrainian were my favorite short wave broadcast in the 1990’s. I recorded hundreds of hours and much of these recordings are on my You Tube channel: Ivan Barsouk. Here is an example.

  2. Fortunato bonnici

    I like it very much. Try to tune
    On my transceiver icom 7610
    Doublet ant for 80m band.

  3. RCI

    RCI did’t re-started short-waves. Radio 700 asked to broadcast our English and French programs on short waves and we allowed them to do so. They will soon distribute our spanish program soon.

    1. Richard Langley

      Thanks for that clarification. We were wondering who initiated the idea of the broadcasts. But it doesn’t matter whether it was RCI or Shortwave Service (a.k.a. Radio 700 Kurzwellendienst). The important thing is RCI is back on shortwave or perhaps, more specifically, its programs are. If Shortwave Service is airing these programs free of charge, hopefully they will see it as a “loss leader” to popularize their service and to catch other business.
      An off-air recording of an episode of “The Link” broadcast by Shortwave Service can be found on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive site:

  4. JR

    7310 kHz works fine in my place at times (central Lower Saxony), but not on the afternoon of April 2. Xinjiang appeared to be more audible than Kall-Krekel. Can’t even tell for sure if I got a signal from Radio 700 / RCI at all.

  5. John

    It’s great to see RCI on the air again, though I sadly suspect that this is the work of someone with a few bucks to play with, who’s re-airing old programs.

    Still very nice to see though!

    1. Richard Langley

      No, John, it was Saturday’s programs. But the airings may be short-lived if not financed by RCI. We’ll have to wait and see.
      — Richard Langley

  6. newwavehalifax

    What is Radio 700 ? I know nothing about them. I also wonder if RCI has anything to do with this broadcast.

    I’m sure there are some people at RCI who would like to see a return to shortwave, but there is no discernable movement in that direction.


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