Radio Guinée back on shortwave


Check out this news by Sheldon Harvey of The International Radio Report:

As reported by many DXers worldwide, Radio Guinée, from the Republic of Guinea in west Africa has returned to shortwave on 9650 kHz. Check between 0000 and 0300 UTC as well as around 0600 UTC. Programming is in French with lots of African music. Here is an article from March about the state of radio and TV transmitters in the Republic of Guinea. Perhaps this is what spurred them to reactivate the shortwave transmission. The article is in French.

Click here to read the article in French.

Click here for an English version through Google Translate.

Thanks for the heads-up, Sheldon! I start listening for Radio Guinée again.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Guinée back on shortwave

  1. Concerned


    Too bad you’ll never get credit for your catch. You probably are right about being one of many to hear it during that time frame. Remember though it’s the actual verified ID that counts not the Unidentified. Still, nice catch.

    It seems like you’ve been excommunicated from the usual log lists that certain DXers use to share their logs. Of course now there’s only one DXer logging as usual. Maybe that’s what he wanted as he doesn’t seem to play well with others.

    You should start your own SW log list as I’m sure there would be many of us that would enjoy hearing about what you are able to catch up in the North Country. I know several Hams who liked your logs even with errors, at least you showed enthusiasm in what you were doing. It’s just a shame there are certain spoiled brats on line ruining it for others.

      1. Paul Walker

        They were initially logged as UN’id as nothing currently on the schedule fit what I was hearing, by a long shot. But, as Paul Harvey would say, “Now you know the rest of the story”


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