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(Source: Sean Gilbert via WRTH on Facebook)

We are pleased to announce that the A16 International Radio and Clandestine/Target Broadcast schedules file is now available for download from our website.
The file is offered free of charge, but we do have a donations page if you wish to show support/thank for all the hard work and dedication our very small team puts in to get these files ready.

The schedules file is in PDF form, and requires a PDF reading program/app. The file contains International Radio and Clandestine/Target Radio broadcast schedules for 201 stations (yes, there really are still that many non-domestic stations broadcasting on LW/MW and SW). Also included are an International/Clandestine Radio frequency list, Selected language broadcasts, International DRM broadcasts and an International transmitter sites table.

We hope you find this a useful accompaniment to the printed WRTH, and as a standalone schedules file.

Happy listening and good DX from the WRTH editorial team.

Download from here.

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3 thoughts on “WRTH update to A16 schedule

  1. Richard Langley

    Due to a large number of late changes for the A16 season, a revised version of the WRTH A16 schedule file has been released. It’s available from the same URL mentioned above. The file name is WRTH2016IntRadioSuppl2_A16Schedules_2.pdf

  2. DanH

    I have been looking forward to this update. By the end of the season I usually have a few dozen pages of it printed out.


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