Shortwave Radio Recordings: KNLS test transmission circa 1983


We’ve just posted yet another excellent recording by Tom Laskowski to the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive. I thought a number of Post readers might appreciate this one.

Tom notes:

KNLS – Anchor Point, Alaska, from what I believe is a test transmission on August 1, 1983. According to Wikipedia, KNLS signed on the air July 23, 1983. The program consists of the sign-on ID in English and Russian then is mostly a mix of Big Band music. This recording is 31 minutes long.

Tom’s receiver was a Sony ICF-2001 and he started recording at 09:00 UTC on 11.820 MHz. His location, at the time, was South Bend, Indiana (USA).

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

You can listen to more archived shortwave recordings at the SRAA website, or by subscribing to the audio feed via iTunes. You can also listen to the archive on TuneIn radio.

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One thought on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: KNLS test transmission circa 1983

  1. Walt

    Nostalgia! Those were the glory days of SW. KNLS was a real DX target for me back then. I was stationed with the Canadian military in Germany when KNLS opened. I had a pretty fancy setup at home and tried repeatedly for them, but never had any luck. They claimed to be broadcasting to Europe then, but this was highly doubtful. Siberia and the Far East, yes, but not European USSR. 7355 as I recall. I still enjoy KNLS now, as they have some nice programming (a la HCJB).


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