Video: Luke demonstrates the Panasonic RF-9000


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Luke Perry, who recently purchased a Panasonic RF-9000 and writes:

Hello Thomas. I did a YouYube video demonstrating my ‘new’ Panasonic RF-9000 SW receiver.

I already submitted a review to the blog which you posted (thank you). There are a few videos out there of the RF-9000 but most are short and not that descriptive.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Keep up the good work on the site. It is something that I look at on a near daily basis.

Thank you, Luke, for sharing your video! I’m glad you’re pleased with the RF-9000–it’s certainly a rare receiver that performs beautifully. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Video: Luke demonstrates the Panasonic RF-9000

  1. Luke Perry

    Thanks for putting up the video Thomas. Yeah, I guess I got my Dan’s mixed up! I can put up another video just on the tuning aspect sure, but it might be awhile till I get around to it. Also, what do you mean by ‘chuffing’?? That must be a term that I am not familiar with.

    1. Dan Robinson

      Yeah, Luke thanks — if you could do a quick video, just tuning around 25 or 31 meters or 49
      that would be greatly appreciated. By “chuffing” we mean artifacts common to some early
      PLL circuitry radios. Hard to describe, but you know them when you hear them. As you tune
      from frequency to frequency you hear kind of a bagpiping effect, that in some cases, especially
      with 9000s can overwhelm the signals themselves.

  2. Luke Perry

    Glad you liked the video Dan. Don’t you have one also? I thought I remembered you mentions that you did. Yeah, I was up late last night ‘surfing the Waves’ and I wake up to see that my radio is a celebrity now!

    1. DanH

      No, my SW portables are Sangeans: 909X and little discontinued 606. We have a couple of Dans on this board which may contribute to this confusion. RNZI sounded fine on the 909X but I prefer the sound of the Jensen 10″ speaker and the wide 8 or 13 kHz selectivity settings on the Hammarlund if the station is strong and not fading much. RNZI can come in like a local AM station after dark.

    2. Dan Robinson

      Luke — would greatly appreciate if you could send, or post another video showing
      more tuning on the shortwave bands, not just the 9700 New Zealand frequency,
      as that would be a good gauge of how much of that chuffing takes place with the
      9000’s from unit to unit. Thanks…

  3. DanH

    Thanks for the RF-9000 demo, Luke. You should enjoy a lot of good listening with that fine radio.

    I was also up late on Saturday night (early Sunday Morning) listening to RNZI on 9700 kHz. I was using the Hammarlund SP-600 JX-21. RNZI was rocking wall-to-wall mid-50’s oldies!


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