Reminder: PCJ’s Vintage Radio Netherlands broadcast

pcj(Source: PCJ Press Release)

PCJ Radio International Vintage Radio Netherlands

In July PCJ Radio International will present a special two hour program called From the Radio Netherlands Archives.

The special program will broadcast material from the Radio Netherlands archives that has not been hear since it was originally broadcast. Material will be from 1947 to 1995 and will include some rare material.

Rare material will be from Jerry Cowan, Dody Cowan, Harry van Gelder, Eddie Startz, Tom Meijer and many others. Also included will be rare performances recorded at the wereldomroep of some internationally known artists.

The program will be presented by Paulette MacQuarrie; producer, editing will be Keith Perron who will also do the prologue.

This will be the first of a number of specials. Listeners who write in will also get a special e-QSL.

North America: 0100 to 0300UTC – Frequency 7570kHz July 18, 2016

Europe: 0600 to 0800UTC – Frequency 7780kHz

July 17, 2016

For more information contact PCJ at [email protected]

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3 thoughts on “Reminder: PCJ’s Vintage Radio Netherlands broadcast

  1. Stefan

    I tuned in again last night (0100 July 17 UTC), and caught the first 45 minutes of the special broadcast. It tended to fade a bit, but then again, I’m only using a 50ft random wire indoor antenna. It was hard to keep PCJ separated from WWCR4 though.

  2. Stefan

    I was trying out my newly built two-tube regen receiver last night (approximately 0200 July 16 UTC), and tuned in a program exactly matching the above description. However, according to the above, and the PCJ Media web site, this isn’t supposed to start until tonight. So I wonder what it was I heard? I don’t know exactly what frequency I was listening on, since I have not yet calibrated my dial, but if my coil calculations are correct, it would have been in the mid to high 7000s.


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