DZRP Radyo Pilipinas: advice on obtaining a QSL

dzrpI thought this little tidbit or two of information might be useful to those DX’ers seeking a QSL from DZRP Radyo Pilipinas.

DZRP broadcast in English and Filipino on several frequencies, as seen here:

I found two email addresses listed for them, [email protected] and [email protected]  which I’ve sent reception reports too, but I can’t say either of the two QSL’s I’ve gotten from them came because of the email address. What worked?

Contacting them on Facebook!

It took a few days, but sending the reception report to them via private/inbox message on Facebook got a reply with a promise of a QSL card each time!

Find them on Facebook here:

While writing this post, I found a third email address, [email protected], which I didn’t know about before. Radyo Pilipinas posted this one on their Facebook page in reply to a DX’er asking about reception reports and QSL cards.

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2 thoughts on “DZRP Radyo Pilipinas: advice on obtaining a QSL

  1. Gene Quigley

    Hi. I am new to this as I just bought my radio one month ago. it is a Tecsun PL-380.

    So I have been picking up CRI English. I requested a QSL but the English section of CRI do not QSL anymore.

    However, the Japanese branch of CRI does. They can be contacted at [email protected].

    Not sure if this helps anyone..



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