WRTH updates A16 schedule


(Source: Sean Gilbert via WRTH Facebook page)

WRTH has released an A16 broadcast schedules update PDF file. This file details frequency changes as well as other scheduling amendments. Included are the new single transmitter schedule of RNZI and the new COTB station targeted to Burundi.

[From this page], click on ‘International Updates’ and select the ‘July updates’ file.

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5 thoughts on “WRTH updates A16 schedule

  1. Elwood Downey

    Thanks for the comments, DanH. You are quite right about the potential for RFI issues. I’m 100% SDR here with a CloudIQ and active loop antenna. So far no problems for me but I do take grounding very seriously. I was not so clear in my post but my intention was to ask about content accuracy. So far everything I run across on air has been correct in ILG if I keep up with their updates which come out every few months.

  2. DanH

    The two products are very different. ILGRadio is software, WRTH is a paperback book with seasonal PDF supplements that may be printed at home. I listen to SW broadcasters. If I was using a software defined radio that could use ILGRadio databases then I would be more interested in it. I use traditional solid state and tube operated SW radios so WRTH works very well for me. Plus, I don’t need to power up an RF generating computer monitor to use it. For those times when I want an online service for my SW listings I find that the free Short-Wave.Info works pretty well right from my WIFI smartphone. I don’t get SW QRM from the cellphone or from WRTH paper.

    I haven’t used the ILGRadio product, so I can’t tell you if the domestic and international SW listings are any better than using WRTH + Short-Wave-Info.

    1. DanH

      I should add that Short-Wave.Info is more of a convenience tool than an up-to-date source like WRTH. I see that Short-Wave.Info does not have the latest RNZI listings and hasn’t been updated since September of last year.

  3. Elwood Downey

    Hello. I’m sure this book is good, but I already subscribe to the list from ilgradio.com which I find to be excellent. Can anyone compare the two or comment if there is any reason to have both? Thanks much.


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