The Giant Jukebox tonight via shortwave

wurlitzerJukeboxI’ve just learned that The Mighty KBC will broadcast The Giant Jukebox on Sunday from 00:00 – 01:00 UTC. 

To be clear, that’s tonight in North America–and only four hours from time of this posting!

Frequency will be 9,925 kHz.

I’ll try to listen from here in Québec. I hope their 125,000 watts will punch through the local QRM!

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9 thoughts on “The Giant Jukebox tonight via shortwave

  1. DanH

    KBC was weak here in Davis, CA about 70 miles NE of San Francisco. About 5,600 miles from Nauen. The signal got a little stronger after the top of the hour and started to weaken 45 minutes later. Not worth posting the recordings: mostly noise with a few words understandable. I could make out most of the songs but not pleasant listening. 106′ random wire on Hammarlund SP-600 and Sangean 909X. I’ll get armchair quality oldies later tonight from RNZI, 6,600 miles distant.

  2. Dave AA7EE

    Coming through weak, with fluttery QSB here in the SF Bay Area on The Sproutie MK II at 0010z. Would probably be better reception with a bit of carrier injection and it seems to be getting a bit stronger already. Would be keen to see how reception is near the end of the hour but, unfortunately, I have to go out to meet a friend who wants to go salsa dancing! I can’t dance, but she dances while I watch and take photos 🙂

    73 for now,


  3. jay

    If propagation is poor just use one of the many SDR in western Europe. But 125 kw is tremendous power, it should blast in at less than 4000 miles path distance.


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