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(Source: Paul Walker)

The next broadcast of The Classics Experience with Paul Walker is going to be the biggest yet. It’ll all take place in late August with 2 hours of rock n roll music with maybe a few country songs thrown in for good measure. The show is ALL about the music and providing something different on the shortwave bands, so all you’ll get from the show is MUSIC. There will be NO rants, raves, personal opinions or political and religious rants. No commercials or sponsors either. I fund the broadcast out of my own pocket so I can pick whatever music I want and not have to answer to anyone but George D. Beagle!

WRMI 7570kHz Saturday August 27th 0400 to 0600UTC. Beaming at 315 degrees towards Vancouver. It should provide a good signal to the West Coast of the US and Canada and probably parts of the midwest and upper midwest along the way.

WRMI 11580kHz Friday August 26th 2100 UTC to 2300UTC., This signal target area is Eastern North America and Western Europe.

WRMI 11530kHz Saturday August 27th, 0200UTC to 0400UTC targetting South America with maybe a little spill over to extreme Western Africa.

WINB 9265kHz Saturday August 27th 0330 to 0530UTC. This should provide good coverage into the Midwest, parts of southern Canada, into Mexico along with parts of Central & Southern Europe it seemed.. It was weakly heard in Australia and New Zealand during my last broadcast.

Channel 292 6070kHz Friday August 26th 2200 to 2400UTC. This should provide good coverage of central and parts of Western Europe.

Shortwave Services 15195khz via Armenia Saturday August 27th 1200 to 1400UTC. Beaming at 65 degrees towards Japan.

I am going to suspend my request for $ to cover postage and QSL costs. I’ve been so lax in sending out QSL cards, I haven’t gotten around to any of them from previous broadcasts and have gotten a few nastygrams about it. I feel bad, so I won’t ask for any money to cover costs this time around.

Contact information for reception reports:
Paul B. Walker, Jr.
PO Box 353
Galena, Alaska 99741-0353 USA

There may be MFSK32 data and pictures during the broadcast. I will announce during the broadcast if and when that happens.

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4 thoughts on “Reminder: The Classics Experience with Paul Walker

  1. Kamakazee

    I agree with you to a point. It just seems like he has the time to tell us why he hasn’t sent any out period, and time for all his other piostings, maybe some of that time could be put to use sending a few out here and there? Granted he’s just one person, but others have produced private broadcasts and got out QSLs in a timely manner also. Don’t say your going to do something and then blantently state you haven’t. It’s not like he got a 100 replies I’m sure.

    What ever, if I listen at all, I’m not sending in a report just to be told he’s sitting on that one too. I sent my report and return postage, if you got it, act on it. Government international broadcasters have never told me they physically did receive my report but weren’t sending me a reply. I could never be sure they got my report until I got mail back, if at all. This is a little weird, that’s all.

  2. Kamakazee

    Hope the music has a better selection. I wouldn’t bother with a reception report because you’ll never get a reply. Excuses are fine, action is better. I’m sure with the overwhelming response you got from your last shows it’s hard to complete QSLs replies. By the way, how many did you get?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Oh, I don’t know. I know Paul was asking enough money to cover postage and the card and he hasn’t issued the QSLs yet, but I’ve had government international broadcasters deliver QSLs a full year or two after my report was received. Also, keep in mind that Paul is doing this on his on dime, in his spare time. He probably deserves a little grace! 🙂


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