RFE and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (Part 1)


Many thanks to Richard Cummings of the website, Cold War Radio Vignettes, who notes that he has posted a new article about Radio Free Europe and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (Part 1).

The article spotlights Operation FOCUS, which was the combined balloon/leaflet and RFE broadcast endeavours 1954-56. Richard notes that Part 2 will be posted next week and will cover the controversial RFE broadcasts during the revolution.

Click here to read at the Cold War Radio Vignettes website.

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3 thoughts on “RFE and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (Part 1)

  1. Phil from Darwin

    Having just been in Budapest and visiting the various sites associated with the revolution I was very interested in the role of RFE at the time. I look foward to the next instalment.


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