August 21 & 22: From The Radio Netherlands Archives Part 2

pcj(Source: PCJ Press Release)

August 21st and 22nd PCJ Radio International will present part 2 of From The Radio Netherlands Archives.

In the first program we played a mix bag of stuff. But in program two the focus will be on news and documentaries. You will hear Ginger Da Silva, Eric Beauchemin, Pete Myers and more.

There will be a special E-QSL issued for this program. PCJ Radio International’s partner stations will receive this program in two parts.

The program will be presented by Paulette MacQuarrie.

Europe: 0600 to 0800UTC – Frequency 7570kHz
August 21, 2016

North America: 0100 to 0300UTC – Frequency 7780kHz
August 22, 2016

For more information contact PCJ at

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5 thoughts on “August 21 & 22: From The Radio Netherlands Archives Part 2

  1. Richard Langley

    Thanks, Thomas, will listen in. But haven’t received the e-QSL for Part 1 yet. Has anyone else? Perhaps Keith or his surrogate is backlogged from, hopefully, a big response to Part1 ?

      1. Richard Langley

        Thanks, Keith. Just did so. By the way, I’ve received a few QSL postcards from WRMI in the snail mail recently including some for reports on PCJ Radio International broadcasts that I’m pretty sure I only sent to PCJ. Have you been relaying some listener reports to WRMI recently?


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