Update: Sangean DT-160CL v Sony SRF-39FP


It’s been thirty seven hours since I started the Sangean DT-160CL versus Sony SRF-39FP endurance test and both radio are still going strong.


So far, the DT-160CL’s battery indicator still shows full voltage. The SRF-39FP has no battery indicator, but through experience I know it’s nowhere close to quitting.

I’ve spent some time tuning both radios and comparing them on mediumwave/AM and FM.

The DT-160CL does an amazing job on the FM band and has a definite edge on the SRF-39FP.

On AM, however, the SRF-39FP seems to wipe the floor with the DT-160CL.

In truth, though, it’s tough to evaluate performance and audio while the endurance test is ongoing, so I should reserve judgement. During the battery endurance test, I’m using the supplied earbuds from both radios. The Sangean’s earbuds a fairly large and uncomfortable in the ear–they make the audio sound hollow and too focused on mid-range tones. In truth it’s pretty much the same thing for the 39FP’s buds.

I can’t wait to use some of my proper in-ear buds on the DT-160CL and evaluate its audio characteristics on AM and FM.

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2 thoughts on “Update: Sangean DT-160CL v Sony SRF-39FP

  1. Carlos

    Thanks for the review. We look forward for MW results (weak signals). Qite sure that we will see more reviews in the ultralight radio yahoo group. I would like to know a test between Sangean 160Cland the Sony SRF-T615.

    By the way, I am spending my summer holidays in the East of Spain (catalonia) right now, 22:55 pm, I am in the balcony with the Sony SRF-39FP.
    Some logs: British stations on 1548 khz and 1458 khz coming here as clear as a bell, like a local FM station.
    Slovenia with armchair copy, Italy, Germany, Algeria,Morocco very understable signals and I am quite sure that I could catch more exotic african stations and all of this with the barefoot ferrite antenna.
    What I like most is the audio, very understable and the null capabilities. Again, I strongly recommend the Soundmagic PL-30 headphones, very well equilibrated, neither annoying bass nor very treble.

    I keep waiting .

  2. DanH

    37 hours running time is good for radios that don’t use speakers. I’m staying tuned. Keep up the good work. Keep the radios running.


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