Hurricane Matthew: VOA adds emergency shortwave coverage for Haiti


Many thanks to Mauno Ritola who notes the following news via the WRTH Facebook page:

VOA emergency shortwave coverage for Haiti in Creole & English has started as follows via Greenville [North Carolina]:

  • 2200-0200 7305 kHz
  • 0200-1200 7405 kHz
  • 1200-1630 9565 kHz

Last night, I looked at the projected path of Hurricane Matthew. Sadly, Haiti and parts of Cuba will receive the brunt of Matthew’s energy in the Caribbean.

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5 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew: VOA adds emergency shortwave coverage for Haiti

  1. Richard Langley

    And just before 02:00 on 7305 kHz, it was Radio Vaticana in Spanish. Tuning to 7405 kHz at 02:00, heard nothing. Will leave the receiver on 7405 kHz all night to see if something shows up.

  2. Dan Srebnick

    Nice strong signal on 7,305 kHz. Creole finished up at 2015 UTC and after two minutes of dead air — VOA One. Nothing relevant to the storm affected area at all. Lady Gaga’s upcoming appearance at the Siuper Bowl was worth talking about, however. Disappointing.


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