Jazz from the Left returns to WRMI tonight!


Many thanks to our friend, Raoul van Hall, who writes with some exciting news:

Hi Thomas,

Wanted to let you know that Jazz from the Left returns to WRMI stating tonight for two weekly broadcasts.

0000-0100 UTC Wednesday on 7730 kHz.
2000-2100 UTC Tuesday on 11580 kHz.

Brilliant Raoul! Nothing like Jazz over the shortwaves.  I’ll certainly tune it. And, hey–your show starts in about two hours at time of posting!

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5 thoughts on “Jazz from the Left returns to WRMI tonight!

    1. Kenneth Bates

      My wife and I enjoyed listening to tonight’s program. Congratulations I’m returning to shortwave.

  1. DanH

    I’m listening to Jazz from the Left on WRMI (7730 kHz) right now. SINPO: 45344 in Northern California. Receiver: Hammarlund SP-600 JX-21 with 106′ random wire.


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