The company and history behind the Boeing 707 HF antenna coupler

(Source: Boeing)

Many thanks to David Giba who shares the following via the Gary J. Cohen’s Shortwave Listeners Global Facebook page:

The Boeing 707 is my favorite commercial jetliner. If one looks at the tail they will see a probe pointing forward off the top of the tail. That is the HF shortwave antenna.

(Source: VIP Club)

It was matched by an antenna tuner/transmatch much like we have in our HF radios. This is the story of the Univac Coupler. Very interesting.

Click here to read on the VIP Club website.

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4 thoughts on “The company and history behind the Boeing 707 HF antenna coupler

  1. morris reddic

    And it added just a little more class to a already classy lady.
    Lets say like a ” pushup bra” on Dolly Parton!
    Yes, no?

  2. Edward

    Very nice antenna tuner. Is there a airplane junkyard I could get one?
    One question. Is this automatic or does the pilot have to have radio knowledge of setting the SWR for each frequency he uses?

  3. rtc

    IIRC the original 707 prototype was known to Boeing as the “dash-80”.
    It got initial airline orders for the 707…but then Douglas (who were a
    year or so behind) brought out their DC-8.It was larger,had more powerful
    turbojets and range.
    Then it was found the 707’s had to be periodically re-skinned due to metal fatigue.
    Boeing redid the 707 into the 720,with size,range and engines like the DC-8.
    Meanwhile the “dash-80” tested the “all flying tail” refueling boom
    (IIRC the prop KC-97 did,too) and became the KC-135 tanker.
    Boeing never made much on the 707’s for the above reasons but reaped
    the benefits with the 135’s…which had thicker skinning and still fly today.
    Boeing’s test pilot was demo’ing the dash-80 for some airlines once and did
    something really snazzy-he barrel rolled it:


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