eBay Find: Sangean ATS-818 shortwave portable

While browsing eBay a few moments ago, I noticed this Sangean ATS-818 which has a BuyItNow price of $30.00 + $15.00 shipping. If this would have been the ATS-803A/DX-440, I would have snatched it up in an instant if only for nostalgic reasons. I know many people that cut their teeth on the ATS-818 or the RadioShack equivalent. The price seems fair, the unit is supposedly functional and the seller has stellar ratings.

If you’ve been looking for an ARTS-818, this might be a good time to pull the trigger.

Click here to view on eBay.

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5 thoughts on “eBay Find: Sangean ATS-818 shortwave portable

  1. Mario

    Ebay is one great site for the hobbyist. Even if you are just “window shopping” it’s great to scan the auctions, see the pictures of each radio at different angles, and read the descriptions. You can glean a lot of information from these auctions.

    Ebay should get some kind of environmental award; it is an example of recycling and re-use.

  2. Cap

    I had the Roberts version of this radio the RC-818 which had the cassette deck (remember them!).
    It worked pretty good although the AGC pumped with strong signals, no biggy.
    Well worth the 30 bucks though as it has a BFO for SSB.

  3. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Got me a DX-440 in mint condition on ebay from a Ham operator of New Hampshire. I was the only bidder and got it for 50 bucks. I already had another DX-440 I acquired in 1991. Unfortunately, I tried to use it as a portable radio instead of a tabletop and it got damaged. What I like about the DX-440 the audio quality. Despite its narrow band even in the widest option, its amp and speaker provide great and balanced audio with good, deep bass and high treble. It still has independent controls for bass and treble. Tuning ssb may be a bit hard due to the absence of an lsb-usb switch, but its audio is much clearer than the ICF-2010, SW7600GR, PL-660 and you can narrow the band to 1KHz to avoid interference. I like it for listening to programs on shortwave, specially music. You just go up 1kHz off tune and the sound improves a lot. The DX-440 is in truth the Sangean ATS-803A as mentioned above and as Sangean radio, it is pretty much deaf with its (very long) rod antenna except on FM, where it is very sensitive. It performs much better connected to any kind of external antenna. Warning: its external antenna connector is an rca jack, that is located in a very tight spot, so not all rca plugs will fit in. It has a lot of shortcomings you can check on eham.net, but I couldn’t care less. As I said, I use it to listen to programs.


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