With loss of Northern Territory service, ABC recommends AM/FM and a satellite phone

Photo: Lisa Herbert via Twitter

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, London Shortwave, who shares this tweet from Northern Territory resident, Lisa Herbert.

Read about the cuts to the ABC NT service and Radio Australia by clicking here.

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11 thoughts on “With loss of Northern Territory service, ABC recommends AM/FM and a satellite phone

  1. Jason

    As I’ve commented previously, I find it ironic the ABC thinks you will receive a AM signal. If you are travelling between towns, your chances of receiving the ABC are slim:

    They have 3 AM transmitters, and none of them are below 700KHz and they aren’t high powered transmitters either.
    Alice Springs broadcasts with 2000 watts of power
    Jabiru broadcasts with 200 watts
    Gove broadcasts with 500 watts

    By comparison, ABC Adelaide broadcasts with 50,000 watts and ABC Spencer Gulf (on 639KHz a much lower frequency) gets out with 10,000 watts.

    How about increasing the power of the existing AM transmitters in the territory ABC?

  2. Ian P

    Is the response the government requested from the ABC over its concerns about the safety of people in the Northern Territory – unacceptable

    1. Eldee Stephens

      Thanks for the heads up. This could end up costing lives across not only the NT, but also among remote Pacific Islanders. I think it’s outrageous. And they’re not even saving money, but diverting it. This is insane!

  3. Cap

    To be fair, I don’t think they mean you need a sat phone and an epirb because they are stopping shortwave transmissions, but sensible advice of bringing a sat phone and epirb with you in case of emergencies.
    For info, VAST is a free-to-air satellite service – Viewer Access Satellite Television.

    Had to revert to local FM radio numerous times this winter due to loss of power here for updates on storm progress, road closures etc.
    There should be a strategy for emergency radios in every country because when you lose power the only link to information from the outside world can be a wind up radio. My Degen DE13 has been put to good use the past few months.

      1. John P Zavacki

        I have to agree with London Shortwave. Either they don’t care, or they have a satellite phone plan to sell.

      2. Cap

        True and I totally understand that, but I am thinking about being that isolated without a sat phone/epirb (HF kit) would be sensible anyway as a shortwave radio, although useful for weather reports/warnings but no use if you have a broken leg 100’s or 1000’s of miles from the nearest neighbour/town.
        What worries me more is the risk of Tsunamis in Kiribati et al. and anyone who could have been listening say in the back yard to ABC on SW will no longer have the alert and would be unaware of an approaching Tsunami, if not alerted by local sirens.
        Where is the risk assessment by ABC officials/government for removing this service?


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