Breaking: Radio Kuwait is back on the air–?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:


As heard by Rich Nowak and posted on the Gary J. Cohen SWL Group
on Facebook, then confirmed here in Maryland, it appears that Kuwait
is back on shortwave, heard from 2000 UTC on 15540. While the signal
level does not approach what we all remember from Kuwait, it is definitely
there, with pop music, and seemingly some local ads. I have not heard an
ID, as of 2023 UTC.

Very cool! Thank you for sharing the tip and confirming, Dan! I’ll add 15540 to my listening schedule again–I’ve always loved listening to Radio Kuwait.

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13 thoughts on “Breaking: Radio Kuwait is back on the air–?

  1. Maurizio

    Hello I found this about Radio Kuwait in 2021 The signal is very strong. I received at 15410 Khz. I live in North East Italy. This record is about 08:30 am Italian hour in English language. Probably the broadcast begin at 07:00 until 09:00 am.

  2. Oghenerhoro Aaron Keshav

    Dear Radio Kuwait presenters,

    I’m a student, with hope this message finds you alive & well. though it reaches you late due to fact i was not chance to send in feedback that: i unexpectedly tuned in Nov.22, 2018 by analog radio, very old modern of wood built case 4 legs stand.. I listened to the well balance station on 96.3 FM.

    Bellow are few English news / Entertainment program enjoyed.
    * At 07:19 AM was international historical event ( this day in history) followed by cool music . * R. across the globe by world press. * 07:56 AM was another music till 08:00 AM. I did not forget music night ride with DJ Sandi also all about the family by Imam Dick Mbaraq & Amina Ahned Chaii * Development & progress in Kuwait .followed by another good music till 09:00 AM bring to.shut down station for that day.

    I’m interested to listen to your radio station every day , unfortunately i can not find where i tuned in to you last till now. That is to say, i have a favor to ask from you But i’m wondering if you can please, send me your English program schedule along with small but powerful multi band digital radio if available,

    To: Oghenerhoro Aaron Keshav
    P.O.BOX 65 Ughelli,
    Delta State,
    Nigeria. West Africa

    I look forward to reply
    Yours sincerely Keshav

  3. Alejandro García Soriano

    Saludos desde México el día 1 de noviembre escuche R.kuwait 11.630 khz
    Coran a las 14:16 UTC con gran asombro y alegría recibí su señal, muchas felicidades .

  4. Jayanta Chakrabarty

    As a regular listener of Radio Kuwait I would like to send my greetings and good wishes for the Kuwait National Day.

    I would be thankful to get more details of your programmes and a calendar for 2018.

    With regards,
    Jayanta Chakrabarty
    120-A, Pocket-C, DDA Flats
    Siddhartha Extension
    New Delhi – 110014

  5. Nenad Knezevic

    I was listening to it today around 1830 UTC, at 15.540 kHz. Signal was very strong in my part of the world (the Balkans). If anyone knows a valid email or postal address of RK, please post. Thank you!

  6. Chuck W3ON

    Heard Radio Kuwait today, May 14 2017, on 15540 kHz, from 1825 UTC to 2033 UTC. with SINPO 55555 at
    1825 UTC. Signal dropped to 44444 at 2046 UTC. A17 EIBI states this transmission is scheduled from
    1800 to 2100 UTC to UK and India.
    Their was some slight fading of the radio signal, although the modulation was easy to hear and
    understand. Programs were mostly musical interludes (pop music), news, ‘This Day In History’, and ‘A Woman’s Heart’. Reception reports, I think I heard, to ‘[email protected]’. I am going to try that email
    address. I hope that one works.
    73 de Chuck W3ON

      1. Henk Ruigrok

        Hi everybody,
        Heard R.Kuwait yesterday on 07-06-2017 on 15540 Khz with 44444 Sinpo report and that’s with only 500 Kw output,anyway it filled up a program in english with Holy Qu’ran music/prayers and pop mx.
        Email your qsl to :
        [email protected]
        or write to: Pobox : 967, 13090,Safat,Kuwait
        Phone: 0096522415498
        Equipement used: Yaesu Frg-100,
        Ant. Indoor Loop home-brew,73 de Henk

        1. Mrityunjoy Bera

          Hi ! I am very much fond of your programme and also a viewer of your website. Thanks.
          Mrityunjoy Bera Near Old Settlement Jhargram West Bengal India PIN code 721507.

  7. John

    Yes! I would listen to Radio Kuwait’s English Service every afternoon on 15540 kHz back in 2014, I’m elated to hear that they are back on the air. I’ll be listening!


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