Mark spots a Transoceanic in “Kiss Me Deadly”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who writes:

Following your recent post about Hemingway, I spotted what looks like a Zenith Transoceanic in the the classic film noir, “Kiss Me Deadly” – a favourite of mine with such memorable moments such as the “What’s in the box” scene.

That does, indeed, look like a Transoceanic–possibly the Model T600? Great catch.  Thanks, Mark, for sharing your film and TV radio sightings!

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2 thoughts on “Mark spots a Transoceanic in “Kiss Me Deadly”

  1. Curt Schwarzwalder

    Yes, just as in the Hemingway photo, it’s he latest Zenith Trans-Oceanic at that time.
    The T600 was introduced in the Spring of 1954.
    I wonder if this was an early case of ‘product placement’ in movies?
    Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer character was popular in novels and films, and had a run of radio shows on the Mutual Broadcasting System.
    Eight of the radio episodes are available in the Old Time Radio section at:


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