Radio 4KZ in Queensland to begin broadcasting on shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who shares the following news from NQ Radio/4KZ:


In May 2017 Radio 4KZ Innisfail in far North Queensland will commence transmission on 5055 kHz between 4pm and about 9am seven days a week.

The station will run 1.5kw into an inverted V antenna and will be a full simulcast of 4KZ, 531khz

It expected that the service will provide satisfactory coverage to
remote areas of the Cape where there are no AM or FM services available.

Al Kirton
General manager
NQ Radio

Thank you for the tip,Paul!

I just checked for the 4KZ website and found the following placeholder page:

Of course, we’ll keep you informed of any updates. Follow the tag: 4KZ

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6 thoughts on “Radio 4KZ in Queensland to begin broadcasting on shortwave

  1. Ross

    Good on Ya 4KZ Innisfail!
    Many of us will be monitoring your signal !
    We desperately need a local service in the Far Western QLD for weather/flood/fire events since the ABC ceased Radio Aust SW pacific service.
    But daylight hours are when the service is required as nightime MW reception from MT ISA and others is available. Why the 4PM – 9am transmitting times? But at least early morning road and weather events will be available.
    Trust you will be programming for a wider area!
    Bravo! Ross

  2. Fraser

    That’s good news for remote communities. Maybe others will step up to fill the hole left by radio Australia departing!

  3. Kris, G8AUU

    Good to read, the 60 metre band, both broadcast and amateur have interesting propagation.

    “Translating” the local times into UTC, 4pm = 0600 UTC & 9am = 1900 UTC.

    Paths to Europe, North America east coast & also North America west coast will be through both night time and day light. It will prove of interest how well that 1,5 Kw signal will be received.


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