The IKEA Isberget stand for tablets (and radios?)

Yesterday, I had to make a pilgrimage to IKEA. As I walked into the main entrance of the showroom, I noticed this display for the Isberget tablet stand.

Of course, I din’t see a tablet stand; I saw a potential radio stand.

I snapped a couple of shots and meant to go back and purchase one, but I forgot to do so.

The stand is quite large and I imagine it would accommodate almost any portable (save, perhaps, a beefy model like the RF-2200 or Eton Field). The lip at the bottom of the stand is not deep, but I believe it would be adequate for most applications.

Color choices are white and blue.

At $2.99 US, I feel like it’s a good deal. If you don’t have an IKEA location near you, the Isberget can order one online, but shipping is very steep ($10!)–much better to stop by your local IKEA.

I wish I would have remembered to purchase one yesterday.

Have any Post readers used the Isberget as a radio stand? Please comment.

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9 thoughts on “The IKEA Isberget stand for tablets (and radios?)

  1. Robert Gulley

    There are several adjustable stands showing up on which run a bit more, but with free shipping if a Prime member, or with combined orders of $25 or more. One of them for around $6.50 has non-skid feet and adjustable angles. Might be worth a look for folks like me who do not have an IKEA nearby.

  2. Harald DL1ABJ

    Here in Germany Ikea besides Isberget also offers the larger Bräda, which might be a better choice for larger portables such as IC-SW77 or E1.

  3. Vince

    Thanks for the info. I already purchased the Ikea laptop stands, but I don’t remember seeing this one at the time, or I would have purchased it instead.

    In Canada it costs around US$1.50, but they want US$11.00 to ship. I’m driving there now, much cheaper, and no waiting for it to arrive. :^))

    As for the Lazy Susan mentioned above, it’s a good one too. Great for MW portables, to optimize reception, if using the built-in ferrite antenna.


    Ottawa, ON

  4. Kris, G8AUU

    Thanks that Thomas.

    The ISBERGRT blue or white sell for GBP 1,49 in the UK, including VAT (sales tax) at 20%.
    So at approx USD 2,00 we could start exporting soon. Price ex-VAT is GBP 1,24 (USD 1,61) Await orders. No VAT on export out of the EU..!

    Actually at work we are looking for something similar for equipment surport. Nearest IKEA store is just over 1 km away. Know where I’ll be going lunchtime Monday..!

    Again thank Tomas for bring to our notice.

    73 de Kris, G8AUU

    1. Thomas Post author

      One whole kilometer away? 🙂 Wow!

      The closest IKEA to my abode is a good 2.5 hour drive. It feels more like a pilgrimage and I always hope I collect everything in one go. I do travel a lot, though, and several spots I frequent have an IKEA within a stone’s throw.

      Please let me know if the Isberget works for you.

      Oh, and when you grab lunch at IKEA, have a Lingonberry juice on my behalf! 😉


  5. Mario

    Thanks Thomas. I see also usefulness for holding small test equipment like VOMs at the correct angle for reading.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Yes indeed! And it might be a good stand for portable radio field use, holding other accessories.

      Of course, I guess it’s also good at holding tablets! 🙂


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