New-in-the-Box ICOM IC-R71A and IC-R7000 Communications Receivers Surface on Ebay

Attention: communications receiver collectors! Not one, but two vintage ICOM IC-R series receivers have been listed on Ebay by the same seller. Presumably the same individual owned and stashed away both units, and now they are offered by the Ebay store “Mikes Emporium“.

Both receivers are described as “new in box”, with a variety of photos shown, including the original sales receipt with options listed. A tag on the IC-R71A shows the receiver originated at well-known Virginia retailer Electronic Equipment Bank (EEB). The R71A is of 1988 vintage, per the receipt; the R7000 may likewise be from the same year.

Link for the ICOM IC-R71A:

Link for the ICOM IC-R7000:

Guy Atkins is a Sr. Graphic Designer for T-Mobile and lives near Seattle, Washington.  He’s a regular contributor to the SWLing Post.

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8 thoughts on “New-in-the-Box ICOM IC-R71A and IC-R7000 Communications Receivers Surface on Ebay

  1. Mario

    Always like seeing these NIB auctions, lots of excitement, especially the last few minutes of the auction. Imagine someone buying these radios and holding onto them for all these years untouched. Must have lots of will power hi hi. Thanks Guy for the post and Thomas for the great site.

  2. Andy

    Oh wow! I can recall clearly the day I drove down to Birmingham (was it the Garex store?) to hand over about £900 and bring home a shiny new R7000. I think it was sometime in 1988, and that was a LOT of money back then. I kept it for ten years but then sold it to a friend of mine to raise money for an AOR5000+3. Another fine piece of hardware. Happy days!

  3. John

    We hope the back up battery has voltage so they work as they should

    This was the cats ass back in the day!

  4. Tha Dood

    Yeah! You bought what might be a brain dead radio! But, for $80.00 you can get the PIEXX board for that rig and never have to worry about the VRAM dying again. That’s what I did to my IC-745, which is an R71A with a TX. And the IC-7000? Heck, I’ve got just about new in box as well. It was suppose to be my travel rig, but that never happened to travel. So, it’s a glorified back-up rig. Mine hasn’t seen the light of day since Spring 2010. Huh, I thought that was the rig everyone hated.


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