5 thoughts on “Babcock Test Transmission on the Tecsun PL-310ET

    1. Cap

      I wondered that too as Woofferton on AM isn’t exactly untested 🙂
      Unless it is a test for a potential future client showing how well the signal will go? probably not far going by conditions the past week.

  1. Paul Rawdon

    Unfortunately they didn’t see fit to provide a full station identification. One could assume it was Babcock because of the English accent. Plus of course what they have done in the past.

  2. Cap

    According to EIBI this is listed as ‘Babock Test’ (Unsurprisingly) 1330-1410, English from Woofferton, England to Europe (The time matches the PL-310ET display too) but is listed as 7th July, so maybe it’s been repeated the past few Fridays?
    I have heard that exact same playout on Babock DRM test transmission, so must be their standard test audio.


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