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Like a few of us contributors here on the SWLing Post, Robert Gulley (AK3Q), writes features for The Spectrum Monitor magazine (TSM).  Robert and I are both passionate supports of TSM–for a mere $24 per year, you get a monthly digital magazine that is simply chock-full of articles covering all aspects of our radio hobby. A phenomenal value indeed!

I’ve just discovered that Robert has published a number of his past TSM articles–reviews and how-tos–on his excellent blog All Things Radio.  Each article can be downloaded as a PDF. Here are the topics:

  • Using Weak Signal Software to Reach for the Sky! (Part 1)
  • Using Weak Signal Modes for Propagation, RFI, and Antenna Analysis (Part 2)
  • Putting My Handheld Antennas to the Test
  • Going Mobile with Software Defined Radio
  • Multipsk Software – A Review
  • TEN-TEC 1253 Build Review

Click here to view and download these articles at All Things Radio.

Thank you, Robert, for sharing these excellent articles with everyone! And many thanks to TSM for allowing its writers second publication rights. Click here to subscribe to The Spectrum Monitor.

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5 thoughts on “Robert’s reviews and how-tos

  1. Bill L

    You speak French.
    What are your sources for French language radio news?
    I find that the TSM is relentlessly English, and American, without a broad world outlook.
    Yet radio broadcasts can cross national boundaries easily. Yet we don’t listen or ignore them too often.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Bill,

      TSM writers are from across the globe–just off the top of my head, I can think of regular contributors from Asia, Europe, Australia and Canada. In fact, this next issue has a radio review geared specifically for readers in Australia and New Zealand. It’s true that it’s an English language publication.

      For French language radio news, check out
      It’s focused more on amateur radio activity, but is curated well.

      I read radio-related articles in French, but they’re typically propagated via Twitter, Facebook and various other sources. I’m sure Post readers can make better suggestions.

      Honestly, it might be an excellent opportunity for someone like you to create a francophone site focused on radio news/international broadcasting, etc.–even if it’s simply curated, it would certainly gain readership. I say go for it! I’m a big believer in following that passion for radio and actually being the change you wish to see!


    2. Mads

      Though I speak it OK, English is not my first language. We are taught it here at a young age. But I think what is so great about the radio world is that it is international by nature. It does not matter where you are from and where content is. I read an article about WSPR and then learn how to use it! That is all! I read about DX tips and then catch that DX! I can catch the same DX that someone in Japan or the US can! Most sites translate OK once you know the terminology. I think maybe you don’t subscribe to the Spectrum Monitor because its excellent. M.


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