TW Communicator spotted in “The Avengers” TV series

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Andy Howlett, who writes:

Some while back I spotted an elderly ‘TW Communivator’ in use the a late episode of The Avengers TV series. The episode in question is called ‘All done with Mirrors’.

Studio Canal are a bit touchy about people nicking stills from their videos, but I sent my screen-grab to the website ‘TW Radio’ which is a site dedicated to Tom Withers and his products. The owner got permission for a one-off reproduction.

You can see the photo by going to

Thanks, Andy! The Avengers is one of my favorite action/adventure TV shows of the 1960s. Lately, I’ve been waiting for a used DVD box set of the series to appear at a local retailer. The fact that I’ve always had a crush on Diana Rigg (a.k.a. Emma Peel) has nothing to do with this. 🙂

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1 thought on “TW Communicator spotted in “The Avengers” TV series

  1. Michael Black

    There’s an episode of “Danger Man”/”Secret Agent” where Drake (Patrick McGoohan) is undercover at a pirate radio station, which s located on some fixed structure, memory says more like an oilrig but maybe one of those gun placement left over from WWII.

    I remember his tiny tape recorder in a cigarette package, but can’t remember. A check shows the episode was titled “Not So Jolly Roger”.



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