eBay Deal: Tecsun PL-660 for 50.90 GBP shipped

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, George T, who writes:

Just a tip that I found a bargain price on eBay for a new Tecsun PL-660. The price is £50.90 with free P&P…best I’ve ever seen. I grabbed one. The unit ships from China. The seller has a 97.4% positive rating and apparently sells a high volume. Many of his negatives are about shipping time. I suspect the shipping is basic post from China, so I don’t expect it to arrive anytime soon.  Also, eBay will back the purchase. It appears they have at least a few more available.

Oh yes…the seller notes they ship worldwide with the following exceptions: “Germany, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Indonesia, United States, Burkina Faso, Lesotho, China” What an intriguing set of exceptions!

Click here to view deal on eBay.

Thanks for the tip, George!

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2 thoughts on “eBay Deal: Tecsun PL-660 for 50.90 GBP shipped

  1. Michael Meyer

    I know it’s an old post, but….

    I never received mine, ordered end-October and have now after filing a complaint to eBay customer service got a refund. Thanks to them.

    Seller supplied a tracking number, but it never got delivered.

  2. Phillip M Dampier

    Those exceptions are usually the result of fraud. In the case of the USA, when a seller refuses to ship to the States, it is usually because the items are of dubious origin (a/k/a counterfeit or stolen). eBay will ban merchants shipping things like this to the USA in particular and they can also lose their PayPal selling accounts if they do business elsewhere. For some reason, shipping to places outside of the U.S. do not carry the same penalties. I ran into this once with a seller that shipped an item to me that turned out to be stolen (when registering it, the manufacturer called me to report the serial number was a stolen item). eBay dropped the hammer on the seller. The manufacturer shipped a brand new replacement as a thank you for my cooperation in the case.

    Considering this seller was offering radios at HALF the current eBay price, I’d definitely wonder about the origin of these.


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