Skywave Radio Schedules now on the Google Play store

Skywave Schedules App will allow you to search a comprehensive, regularly updated, database of shortwave radio broadcasts.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Cap, who has just notified me that his shortwave radio schedules app for Android–Skywave Radio Schedules–is now available via the Google Play store.

You might recall that Cap first shared this app in Beta form and invited us to share feedback and comments. Cap has spent weeks incorporating our suggestions and making changes in the background–Skywave Radio Schedules feels refined and responsive. Best yet?  It’s free and has no ads. Amazing.

Cap does note that you should uninstall any previous versions of this app before installing it from the Google Play store.

Thank you, Cap! Great job making this app a reality.

Click here to view Skywave Radio Schedules on the Google Play store.

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10 thoughts on “Skywave Radio Schedules now on the Google Play store

  1. Roger

    It’s vanished from the Play Store as well, anyone know if any of the old versions on the various apk stores are safe to use?

  2. Darren

    Hope does the download log function work? I’m about to update my phone and don’t want to lose the log. Any advice?

    Cheers Darren

  3. Bob Faucett

    For identifying shortwave broadcasts, I turn to this app first. Its schedules seem to be the most up-to-date. Many websites with SW schedules are tardy regarding schedule updates. This app is easy to use and very informative. The ability to log stations is also great. HIGHLY recommended!

  4. Kire

    Thank you Cap for this app. It must have taken time to do this so i appreciate very much your work. I find it easy to navigate and most useful for shortwave listening stations. When i figure how to rate and review on googleplay i will give five stars!

  5. Alan Roe

    Have just downloaded this app – it’s a great tool and I’ll be using it whenever travelling. Pleased to see that it downloads the scheduled so you can still search when offline.

  6. Eric

    Any chance that the author might consider open-sourcing this and putting it on the F-Droid store? Would be nice if those who’ve “worked” on their phones could have access to it as well.

  7. Guy Atkins

    I’m excited to see this milestone for Cap’s excellent Android app! Even in its early beta stage it was far better in my opinion than a competing app on the Play Store. Cap listened to our suggestions and improved the app over and over again during the development phase. I highly recommend it for the DXer and shortwave listener. Utility stations can optionally be searched, too.


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