Mark spots a number of radios in “Designated Survivor”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who adds the following to our growing archive of radios in film.

Mark writes:

Quite a haul this time!

In episode 20 of ‘Designated Survivor‘, FBI Agent Hannah Wells tries to get a message out before being recaptured….

Click to enlarge.

Many thanks, Mark! Another good one!

Are those Kenwood transceivers in the background? I certainly see a Kenwood external speaker and (perhaps a Nye Viking–?) tuner.

Please comment if you can identify this radio gear!

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2 thoughts on “Mark spots a number of radios in “Designated Survivor”

  1. Mario

    Kudos to Mark for a good catch. Sure looks like Kenwood radios, maybe a linear too? Appears to be at least a couple of transceivers on the radio bench.

    She’s using the venerable Shure 444 microphone. Those are great mics. Had a few myself.

    Thanks for posting Thomas.


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