Radio Deal: Tecsun PL-310ET $40.00 shipped via

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Larry W, who writes with the following tip:

Thomas, this isn’t a deep discount, but the Tecsun PL-310ET price has fallen to $40 even on Amazon. It usually floats around $42-43. Price includes shipping. You might wish to post because this is a lot of “bang-for-buck” when it comes to performance. I own two of them. One stays in the glove compartment of my truck, the other in my travel bag (I’m a professional road warrior). They’ve 20 in stock right now. Price can change anytime.

Click here to view on (affiliate link).

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9 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Tecsun PL-310ET $40.00 shipped via

  1. Steve Thomas

    I would really like to see how the 310et compares to the 390 since they have many of the same features with the 390 having another speaker and about $15-20 more. And sensitivity of each with only the whip antennas…

  2. Frank

    Thanks for the hint. I love the 310ET – the Tecsun I use most probably – and taken the jump for a spare one to give away for Christmas.

      1. Jason

        Wow great find, thanks for the link.

        I just bought one. Going to be interesting to compare this, the CCrane Skywave and the CCrane Skywave SSB side by side. I might throw in a few other radios when I go to a rural area in January.

        1. Troy Riedel

          No problem Jason. Despite living in the USA, I always check Anon-Co. They offer free worldwide shipping on many (but not all) products, their customer service (Anna) is top-notch (none better) and I usually receive my orders in about a week.

          Enjoy the new radio!

          1. Thomas Post author

            I have to echo what Troy has said. I’ve been purchasing from Anon-Co since 2007 or 2008. Anna is knowledgeable, always follows through and offers overall amazing customer service. She really knows her products, too.

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