The end of the Grundig Satellit 750?

Many thanks to Dave Zantow (N9EWO) and a number of other SWLing Post contributors who’ve noted that Universal Radio is listing the Grundig Satellit 750 as “Not Currently Available.” Universal offers the following explanation on their product page:

UPDATE: 11/21/17
Eton-Grundig has informed us the Satellit 750 is currently not available.
They cannot provide an availability date. We are not taking orders at this time.

I’ve also noted that the ‘750 is no longer on the Eton website.  It does appear still has inventory, but no doubt they will eventually deplete their stock. The ‘750 is sold at a number of other retailers–simply search the model number in your favorite search engine and you’ll likely find retailers with remaining stock.

So it does appear the Grundig Satellit 750 may be discontinued. If so, it’s certainly had a long product life.

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37 thoughts on “The end of the Grundig Satellit 750?

  1. david jones

    when did the grundig 750 satellite discontinued. Im a newbie looking and a lady has one for sell, said her husband purchased a month before he passed and he passed a month ago, she is saying its brand new.. it does say Grundig 750 satelite on the front from the pictures ive seen. Im going to look at it this week asking 250. are the older ones better or? is this far price when amazon has the new Eton for 350ish. can someone shed some light on this to get me started in swr world. thanks in advance . ret.military

  2. Deborah Milian

    I have a Grundig Satellit 750 that I have used only once. I bought it a couple of years ago. I am interested in selling it for $700.00.

  3. Katherine Arkay

    I have a pristine Satellit 750. I bought it over a decade ago. I was going to listen to international radio but it is a hobby that never materialized. The radio has been turned on less than 10 times. I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada. I would sell the radio for $600 Canadian and the cost of shipping.

  4. Fabien SERVE

    The encoder of my ETON Satellit 750 was malfunctioning from the beginning.
    Now it is not working at all !

  5. Alvaro Mendez


  6. Jim

    Where can i find replacement potentiometers (value unknown) for the Squelch, RF gain and the SB BFO controls? The radio is a Eton Grundig Satellit 750 which is the same as Tecsun 2000. Anyone with the schematic diagram please tell me the values. Thank you so much !

  7. Adam Ebel

    The Satellit 750 is a great receiver, but I do agree being discontinued, because it lacks updated features such as what the Field BT already has and that is Bluetooth reception. They should come out with a new satellit radio receiver just like the Field BT so we can do more online and offline activities.

  8. walt dutchak (wladicus)

    Interesting conversation here. I bought my Satellit 750 on Nov.28, 2017 here in Canada. This was my first adventure into shortwave radio. I have used it for only about 10 hours and still the original box and packing contents.
    It turns out that I no longer have an interest in any sort of radio, so it will be sitting around gathering dust, unless someone wants to buy it from me.

    1. Vik

      This is selling at a crazy price on amazon now -$1200 for a used one. On ebay it is 350 for a used one.

    2. Steve Asher

      Hi Walt,

      Strange word. Have been looking into buying a Elton Grundig 750 for several months. So, you still have the unit

      All the best,

  9. Donald Smith

    Great info. I’m a novice. Looking for advice . What would be better tecsun s2000 or alinco dx8r? I’m concerned about long term durability of tecsun. Have no interest in fm music or code. Thanks for your advice.

    1. G. Briden

      I own both The Alinco and a 750 but as a Novice I would go Tecsun they are better built than you expect. Look at the Alinco once you are at the next level more serious it has a pretty steep learning curve.

  10. Dave

    My relatively new 750 has lost the lower half of the FM band- noise. I would recommend an alternate brand. My purchase was a complete waste of money.

  11. East Troy Don

    I received my 750 in late November 2017. I read a lot of reviews in the earlier versions that asserted the radio was substandard. I must have the most recent version just prior to production cancellation as I am very satisfied with its performance. I leave in rural southern Wisconsin. I ran an Alpha Delta SWL sloper from the roofline to a grounded antenna mast and have no trouble picking up signals from stations as far away as the Northern Marianna islands and Taiwan as well as closer but weaker stations such as Radio Alcaravan in Colombia and Radio Rebelde in Cuba.

  12. Samuel A Glenn

    I have been desperately looking and scouring the net for a replacement antenna for my 750 like the one or close to the original. Mine broke recently and would love to get another.
    Can anyone help?

    Thank you!

  13. russ

    Received brand-new 750 for Christmas 2017; worked fine until 2/24/18. Now appears totally dead. Tried batteries only; no luck. Any ideas on what may have happened to it?

  14. Chuck

    Apparently it’s not the end. Universal Radio now has this notice:

    UPDATE: 12/08/17
    We expect to have this model back in stock on 12/21/17

  15. Joseph B

    With the debut of the Tecsun S-8800 (“lunchable” size receiver with SSB; multiple bandwidths optimized for AM and SSB/CW; direct frequency input via a remote; rechargeable batteries via USB power source) for about a hundred dollars less than the Grundig 750, there was probably no room left in the lineup for this radio. About the only significant feature that the 750 has over the S-8800 is a variable RF control.

    Perhaps there will soon be an “Americanized” version of the Tecsun S-8800??

  16. Edward

    I wonder if it is really discontinued? Most new consumer gear is built in batches of a fixed quantity, not on demand. Component lifecycle is very short, so stockpiling spares is only for repair. If demand picks up or re materializes, a new similar device is designed to replace it. I think we will see a newer version of the 750

  17. Rob

    I’ve always liked the BNC antenna ports on this radio, the rotatable ferrite MW antenna, and the overall look of this radio. Somehow though I just never could quite shell out the $300+ for it when other radios with comparable performance like the Tecsun 660 are less than half the price. Those antenna ports almost won me over on several occasions however. It would look good piped into my living room stereo, way more finished than the little portables I usually plug in to dial up the remaining SW music shows out there.

    Is it too much to hope that Grundig will come out with a replacement that’s similarly sized with a bunch of antenna ports, improved performance, and some kind of DSP/DNR? A noise blanker would be really nice too. In the $300 price range, a box like that would be irresistible.

  18. Joseph Schierer

    I love mine – I think we all agree it has great aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, The quality is just not there. If I switch on the lamp, I get a burst of static out of the speaker. Same thing happens if I rotate the external Ferrite antenna -and then it often loses contact. Mine is a later model, and I admit I love to use it – why couldn’t they build it with better quality – If it could match my Tecsun 880, for example, I would be happy! Had mine hooked up to a 60 Ft wire – The station I was listening to had some pretty bad fading. Connected the same antenna to my Yaesu FT-817 and the fading almost disappeared!

  19. David B

    Troy Riedel:

    I live in an area that will not allow me to raise a longwire antenna. Does the Grundig Satellit 750 have the ability to use a loop antenna with a proper antenna connection using this radio? I will need to find some insulation for the energy-efficient windows I have on this house too, since drilling into them for an antenna wire will void their warranty. Any suggestions. I want a good desktop unit, and if it works I will construct a software-based shortwave unit from a spare computer I have. Let me know what you might suggest if you could. Thanks!

  20. kenny

    i had a grundig satilit 750 for a while, i noticed the big VFO knob would not scroll through the frequencies normally and would just start showing random numbers on the LCD like it was confused or crazy, it frustrated me enough that i eventually tossed the radio in a donation bin at the salvation army and refused to buy anymore grundig shortwaves, eton owns them now and has them built in china and the quality is getting poor on portables from china, and sangean is not much better, the tecsun is about on par with sangean which makes them usable but cheap,

  21. Troy Riedel

    The Satellit 750 is the receiver I use most. Reviews have always been mixed – frankly lukewarm, but mine comes alive when attached to a 65′ Slinky Antenna (with a 20′ lead wire with alligator clip). I wonder if the Tecsun version will remain in production, the S-2000? Anon-Co still lists it, but that could be existing stock?


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