Radio Deal: RadioWorld (Canada) Eton Satellit and Traveller III sale

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Golan Klinger, who comments:

Radioworld has the Eton Traveller III on sale for $39.99 CAD (about $32 USD) and the Eton Satellit Grundig Edition for $99.99 CAD (about $79 USD). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lower price for the Satellit.

Thank you Golan! Those are excellent deals for two great portables!

Click here to view the Satellit and Traveller III at

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6 thoughts on “Radio Deal: RadioWorld (Canada) Eton Satellit and Traveller III sale

  1. Craig C.

    Got my answer from Radioworld. “We don’t ship to the states but you can purchase from our eBay page that ships to states”. So the eBay page they linked does not reflect the sale they are offering, $40 higher.
    eBay page states no returns.
    So Radioworld, I tried to support one of the last few brick stores, lost sale.
    Discontinued so should be on sale elsewhere soon.

  2. Craig C.

    Ironically their eBay pages of same radios reflect that U. S. orders will ship from states, CA orders ship from CA.
    Of course eBay price is much higher, go figure.

    Sent inquiry

  3. Vince

    Hi Michael,

    Sorry, I did not think about the possibility that you were not in the US. I know…center of the universe and all that. :^))

    They must have their reasons, read bad experiences. From the high cost of shipping overseas, to the uncertainties involving different postal systems, to the customer from hell.

    I’ve had my fair share of problems shipping to addresses outside of Canada, and I’m not a business potentially shipping thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. I won’t do that again.

    Being outside of the US, we miss a lot of fabulous deals, but that’s life.

    All the best.



  4. Vince

    US is not international, it’s just the lower 48 states. :^))

    I know it says so on the page, but did you try calling them? Universal also does not ship international, but they do not exclude the upper one. :^)

    If the daily articles were not reason enough to visit, the deals notification is a great service. Most of the time the deals are not available to us up here, but the Radioworld deal was. I ordered a Satellit. It’s being delivered on Monday. I needed another portable like I need a . LOL

    1. Michael Meyer

      Hi Vince.

      I’m from Denmark, so far away from the US. Don’t really understand why some shops don’t like international customers. They get the payment, and after shipping the parcel, we can only wait and pray!


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