Sony ICF-6800W: Dan notes a possible record sales price on eBay

 Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

A couple of years ago I did a talk a the annual SWL Fest on the best radios of all time (in my opinion anyway). The SONY ICF-6800W was among them, for reasons I think are valid — high sensitivity and beautiful audio, the major ones. Now, one has sold for what could be a record price on eBay — more than $1300. This shows how much folks are willing to pay for 6800Ws that still have the original box….

Wow–to many the ICF-6800W is a “Holy Grail” receiver. Amazing that it has held its value so well. If memory serves, it’s not the easiest radio to work on, but is certainly serviceable.

Thanks for the info, Dan!

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3 thoughts on “Sony ICF-6800W: Dan notes a possible record sales price on eBay

  1. Bill

    Hard to tell from the lighting, but it looks like the 6800WA (Orange) which doesn’t have the great audio of the White version. Personally, even back in the day the narrow filter of the White was good enough for shortwave with the option of the beautifully sounding wide filter. With fewer broadcasts on HF these days I’d never consider the Orange version with its boxed in audio. Even without a synch detector, my White still rocks!

  2. Golan Klinger

    I was recently offered one in mint condition for a fraction of that price. Perhaps I should consider buying it to resell/trade…


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