Video: Comparing the SDRplay RSP1 with the RSP1A and intro to SDRuno

(Source: Jon Hudson on the SDRplay Facebook page)

This latest video from Mike starts by showing the differences between the RSP1 and the RSP1A, and then gives an excellent demonstration of how the latest SDRuno works – this is a great place to start for any newcomers to SDRuno –

We continue to regularly add video guides to our Youtube Channel. The original series are listed in a playlist called ‘Part 1’ – newer guides are listed in a playlist called ‘Part 2’

The SDRplay YouTube Channel can be found here:

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2 thoughts on “Video: Comparing the SDRplay RSP1 with the RSP1A and intro to SDRuno

  1. Edward

    I have a ThinkBook notebook PC. No CDROM or floppy. just thumb drives. It has XP with service pack3 installed and is in good performance shape. Seems to accept other USB devices and install and run their software. This would be the ideal portable for it considering it’s size, I can download & install software, but it does not recognize any of the USB SDR’s thumb radio fobs available. I just get the window that is running picking up noise and no signals, can unplug the SDR fob with no difference Before I waste my time with these high end SDRplay devices, has anyone have this problem? Is there some dumb little switch I need to flip in the XP configuration?


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