BBC video: “The ‘spy radio’ that anyone can hear”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who writes:

Nothing that an SWLing Post reader doesn’t already know–more for general consumption:

For decades, people around the globe have been able to listen in to mysterious spy broadcasts from all over the world with just a radio.

Gordon Corera has been investigating the strange world of number stations.

Video produced by James Reevell

Thanks for the tip, Mark!

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3 thoughts on “BBC video: “The ‘spy radio’ that anyone can hear”

  1. Eddie Walden

    I don’t know about the theory of them just being a cheap psyop. Keeping a shortwave station on the air isn’t cheap. Especially for a country like North Korea where electricity is at a premium.

  2. Kirk T Jones

    With respect, what is the point of all these various websites, outlets, media ec etc keep reciting this stuff ?

    We know they are there, and even if you didn’t, these pointless stories don’t actually achieve anything
    to either audience.

    Maybe it’s a slow news day for the BBC.


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