A Yaesu WIRES-X SWL Net?

The WIRES-X Network (Source: Yaesu)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), who asks:

How many of you Amateur Radio folks reading this web page have WIRES-X capability (either with a local node on your own or have access to it via a repeater) ?? I ask this as a possibility of a casual net of some kind ? We have WIRES-X (local node) here and would be willing to at least try a test run of a weekly or semi weekly “SWL – Receiver Net” IF we receive enough feedback (even if only a few readers). So I would appreciate an email back with a thumbs up or down to this idea and that you would be at least a check in ? Also please give me ideas when you would think a good day of the week and time would be (USA) ? If I receive zero feed back, of course I will not waste my time (but I think it would be fun to at least give it a try).

I only recently acquires a WIRES-X capable handheld: the Yaesu FT2DR. Now I need to find out if there is a WIRES-X capable repeater I can hit from my home. Of course, for me it’s always finding a reliable time to meet–that’s the real challenge! Great idea, Dave!

Post Readers: Contact Dave if you’re interested–his email can be found at the top of his homepage.

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4 thoughts on “A Yaesu WIRES-X SWL Net?

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  3. Robert

    What an excellent idea! I do have wires access through the HRI-200 interface (allows connection to the WIRES-X network if no local repeater is available). Just a note for those who may not know, with the HRI-200 connected to your computer and a Yaesu dedicated radio connects to that, you can use either a system fusion radio to talk and receive news/images (data) etc from the system, or you can use a standard analog radio to communicate through your system fusion radio/WIRES-X HR-200 connection to talk to folks on the network.
    You do not need two separate system fusion radios, just the one connected to the HRI-200 – the radio you talk on can be analog or system fusion.
    I mention this because this is not something which is made very clear when reading about the HRI-200. If a diagram helps:
    Computer with Internet –> HRI-200 –> System Fusion radio –> analog or SF digital for talking
    Hope this helps those without a system fusion/internet connected repeater nearby.


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