3 thoughts on “Video: The Story of Radio Broadcasting (Westinghouse 1944)

  1. Toni Mitman

    Hello: Does anyone know the exact street address of the Frank and Flora Conrad residence in East Pittsburgh (Wilkinsburg) where he started KDKA.

    My grandparents, Quincy and Della Hershey were friends and neighbors of the Conrads. They lived on Rosemary Road overlooking Frick Park. My grandfather was a Westinghouse electrical engineer born in 1876. He was in charge of electrifying railroads, etc.

  2. Bob LaRose

    The Radio Club of America had an excellent tour of the KDKA studios and transmitter site for our annual conference and dinner in Pittsburgh last November. The 1939 transmitter is still in place as a “museum piece” and you can even poke around inside of it. Very impressive! On the opposite wall are 2 x 50kw Harris solid state AM transmitters set-up as primary/standby. The Engineering and program staff really rolled out the red carpet for us! I have pictures of the 1939 transmitter and antenna if there is some way to post them.

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