Radio spotted in “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who has discovered yet another radio in film:

Spotted this in the 1961 sci-fi movie, ‘The Day the Earth Caught Fire‘.

I’m guessing it’s an old military set.

I believe it is indeed, Mark!  Perhaps an intrepid SWLing Post reader can sort out the model number?  Please comment!

I’ll add this post to our growing archive of radios in film.

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5 thoughts on “Radio spotted in “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”

  1. Pete

    In the second pic from the series Baa Baa Black Sheep, The receiver on the Left side is a Collins R390.
    I don’t recognize the transmitter on the right.

  2. Ian from England

    Really interesting article! I first saw “The Day The Earth Caught Fire” in the early 70s on TV here, and it’s still one of my favourite sci-fi films of all time. Next time I get to see it, I’ll make a special point of looking out for the radio sets!


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