Tom’s field portable HF antenna snags VOK’s summit broadcast

Tom’s field portable car roof HF antenna.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, TomL, who shares a recording he made of the Voice of Korea on June 14, 2018. This English broadcast focuses on the Singapore summit and is, no doubt, historic in its content. [Note that we’ve posted other recordings on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.]

TomL notes:

Recorded on my noisy Lenovo laptop, SDRPlay RSP2, and an unamplified 18.5 foot antenna on the roof of my SUV.

I’m most impressed with the quality of his recording–VOK is not the easiest station to snag in the US midwest:

Click here to download the audio recording.

Thank you for sharing, Tom! I love your field portable vertical–obviously, it’s doing a fine job and your car must make for a decent ground plane!

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6 thoughts on “Tom’s field portable HF antenna snags VOK’s summit broadcast

    1. TomL

      Was in a flat Forest Preserve (County Park) in Northern Illinois. Nothing truly special about it other than that parking lot has no housing development near it for about 1/4 mile except one house directly south.

  1. Curt Schwarzwalder

    The whip must come apart.
    There’s no way you have 18.5 feet of linear space inside your CRV!

    1. TomL

      It is the cheaply made MFJ 1979 Telescoping whip, collapses to 27 inches. I will detail it in Part 3 of my Backpack Shack 3 story in a couple weeks. Falls over easily, need to test a larger magnet mount.

  2. TomL

    Other Tech notes: 11710 kHz, 1300 UTC, using SDR Console 3.0 beta 2, Sync on, 5.5 kHz bandwidth, NR1 on set at 4db.


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