Radio Deals: Grundig Executive Satellit on sale $109.99 shipped

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Gregg Griffith, who notes that the Eton Grundig Edition Executive Sattelit is on sale at Amazon for $109.99 shipped. This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for a new GEE Satellit. Since this is an Amazon sale, the price could change at any time. I have the original Satellit and am mighty tempted to grab this one.

Click here to view on Amazon (affiliate link).

FYI: This is a choice portable for DXers–check out some of Oxford Shortwave’s previous posts.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Deals: Grundig Executive Satellit on sale $109.99 shipped

  1. Mike


    Yes, you are able to do that but at least on the unit I had the volume that one was able to achieve when doing this was very low and not comparable to the maximum volume level the set could provide when being used as a radio. I was rather disappointed by this.

  2. Joe

    Can anyone please tell me if the “Line in” functions as an aux in on this radio? In other words, can you plug in your phone or other audio source and have it play through the radio?


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