Talking shortwave and spectrum on the Radio Survivor podcast

Last week, I had the honor of speaking with Eric Klein and Jennifer Waits on the excellent Radio Survivor podcast. It’s rare that in one show I get to spread so much shortwave radio love–thanks for making that happen Radio Survivor:

Perhaps you are like me and you have wished that you could go back in time and spin a radio dial and just listen to and browse the full radio spectrum from another time and place. Our guest on the show, Radio Anthropologist Thomas Witherspoon, is building a website for just such a thing. It’s called the Radio Spectrum Archive and it is not magic, it uses a piece of technology called a software defined radio that makes recording a full spectrum of Shortwave, AM and even FM radio (if you have the computing power to handle the load) a very real possibility. Thomas Witherspoon is also the primary contributor to The Shortwave Listening Post ( so we are going to learn a few things about the wonder that is shortwave radio on planet earth.

Click here to download the podcast audio.

Click here to listen via Radio Survivor.

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5 thoughts on “Talking shortwave and spectrum on the Radio Survivor podcast

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  2. Rob

    Good interview Thomas, and good job of reaching out to other radio enthusiasts and explaining SW. Wouldn’t be surprised if you started a few new SWLers with this podcast.

  3. Roger Fitzharris

    Superb. Nice overview of SDR and SW listening in general. Highly recommended — worth every minute of your time. Kudos to you TW.

  4. Cap

    Fantastic interview Thomas, listened to the entire 1hr 24mins and 16 seconds!
    I love the enthusiasm of the female interviewer/host for radio.


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