KiwiSDRs now at the KPH receive site in Point Reyes

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Ruck, who writes:

Please be advised that the Martitime Radio Historical Society has made publicly available Kiwi SDR receivers at the KPH receive site in Point Reyes.  This site was selected for SW reception by Dr. Beverage for RCA around 1930.

You can access the receivers at

Bill Ruck

Brilliant news, Bill!  Thank you for sharing!

Click here to visit the Point Reyes KiwiSDR optimized for HF reception and this one optimized for LW/MW reception.

Click here to visit the KPH Software Defined Receivers info page.

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5 thoughts on “KiwiSDRs now at the KPH receive site in Point Reyes

  1. Syfr

    This is really great.

    Listening for the WINDY beacon on 4102.8 is always a good challenge. Clear and easy copy on the KPH antenna farm!

    Long live Windy!

  2. DanH

    I have been listening to the HF and LF KIWI SDRs at KPH since October. I use these SDRs as a performance standard for evaluating my home and mobile shortwave receivers and antennas. Sometimes I just listen. I live only 70 miles away from Point Reyes so what I hear at KPH is what I could hear on shortwave with a similarly ideal installation. At this time, the closest I can get to this reception quality is four miles out of town with a 20-foot mag mount whip for the 909X.

    There are a couple of reasons why KPH excels as a KIWI SDR receiver site. The receiver is an excellent basic SDR. The TCI-530 antenna is not something most us can put up in the backyard. The site location is in an electrically quiet area and thanks to the California Coastal Act that status is not likely to change, ever. Finally, some excellent people like Bill Ruck work hard to keep the KPH site well-maintained: including the KIWI SDRs.

    So, here is my tip of the hat to the Maritime Radio Historical Society. I drove by the KPH sites several years ago when it was still in commercial operation. I hope to visit sometime this winter. My donation will be in the mail today.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hear hear!

      You know, I only discovered the KPH Kiwis with this announcement, but I spent time on both and noted that they had exceptional RX characteristics. Some of the best in the Kiwi network.


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