Jeff is displeased with Sangean buttons

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jeff McMahon, who writes:

After my wife complained about our Sangean radio button problems, I made this post:

Our Sangean radios are good performers for FM reception and speaker sound. They are reasonably priced. For user-friendly radios to use throughout the house, the kind that my wife and daughters enjoy using, Sangean is the best bet.

However, for me a general use Sangean is not my first choice. Because I am an FM reception fanatic, I prefer more of a high-performance radio, the kind that has an SW port, so I can connect a wire antenna to the radio, which usually results in improved FM reception. That’s why I have a Grundig G4000A next to my bedside table. But for the rest of my family, it’s a Sangean affair.

However, I should point out a consistent flaw, one that my wife complained about this morning: Three of four of our Sangeans have button problems.[…]

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1 thought on “Jeff is displeased with Sangean buttons

  1. TomL

    I have three Sangean radios and no button problems. Just too small and very hard to read markings!!!

    This probably won’t help Jeff but if one could centralize down to one radio with excellent outdoor antennas, this FM Transmitter from C.Crane is very handy.

    I am experimenting with my Lenovo laptop used with a new Airspy HF+ and this gadget plugged into the laptop headphone jack. 4 radios in different rooms pick up the signal well (I have a small condo with short distances to rooms). I just listened to 6 different youtube videos (mostly just talking) while I was hanging 11 small 8×10 pictures just received from Bay Photo. I just touch the one SDR radio, and listening to soothing classical music on FM. The other day I was listening to shortwave on all 4 radios. Just an idea if it helps keep you from having to mess with plainly Defective buttons and switches.

    Another idea is to put small Bluetooth speakers around the house and pair up with the laptop running the SDR, but the bluetooth range may be slightly limited. Never actually tried this yet.


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