Ghosts In The Airglow: HAARP transmission frequencies and times, March 25-28

Yesterday, we posted a note about Amanda Dawn Christie’s upcoming transmissions from the HAARP facility in Alaska.

Amanda has just notified me that the frequencies and times of the experiments have been posted on the project’s website: Ghosts In The Airglow.

You should keep the schedule handy during transmissions as there are factors that could influence frequency selection. Amanda notes:

As for Frequencies: Ghosts in the Air Glow has 10 movements, several of which are simultaneously on two different frequencies. In preparation, frequency selections had to be submitted in advance for tuning, so in order to allow for various conditions, three frequency options were prepared (a low, a mid, and a high). Only one will be used on the day of transmission, but it could be any of these three. I am listing them in the order of preference, with the most likely frequency first. All modes are AM.

Click here to view frequencies and times.

I would also suggest you follow Amanda’s Twitter feed during the transmissions as she plans to post live updates. In addition, she has set up a live feed of the transmissions on her website.

No doubt, this will be a unique listening and receiving experiment for all!

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5 thoughts on “Ghosts In The Airglow: HAARP transmission frequencies and times, March 25-28

  1. SoCalWill

    Anyone else receive this? It was pretty noisy here in SoCal, a strong rushing sound but I could hear changing tones in the background, and it started and stopped exactly as scheduled. Not bad for 2,300 miles using a Sony 7600GR with a pocket reel antenna, but it’d be nice to have something to compare it to..

    1. Roger Fitzharris

      Yes. Monitored the last 20 min of the broadcast, 02:36 UTC to 02:56 UTC, on 3/26/2019 on 6900 KHz. (AM mode). I was using a Tecsun PL-380 with its whip antenna fully extended (21.3-in.). My location is in SW Ohio, approximately 3600 miles from the transmitting site.
      I experienced moderate-to-severe (3 to 7) QRN – with signal strength improving to an S7 toward the end of the broadcast.
      I too would be interested if any other shortwave listeners or DXers monitored this broadcast.

  2. Adi

    I went to see the ‘Transmission Dates and Times’ page and it is messy.
    A proper listing should be by date > time> freq, that way a DX’er can find his way when he want to listen.
    By the current listing one need to jump up and down the music score… not DX friendly.


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